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  1. What a great list of Warbirds in WA! May I make some corrections/additions to the Chipmunks listed please?

    VH-FLC (C1-0684, formerly WP792). Sold from the RAF in 1956, to the Royal Aero Club of WA in 1956 as VH-RDW, became VH-RWI in 1962 (the first of three times the club has used this registration on a Chipmunk), sold by them in 1963.

    VH-LBW (C1-0101). P-122 with Royal Danish AF, then G-ALUL and OY-ATV. Arrived in Australia in 1985. For the colour scheme to be entirely accurate it should be marked “P-122” on the rear fuselage. You show it as a T.20, the export version of the RAF’s T.10, but it became a Mk.22 (and remains as such) when registered in the UK.

    VH-RHW (C1-0125). As WB677, sold by the RAF in 1956. To the RAC of WA as VH-RHW in 1957. With great respect to the owner, i would dispute the accuracy of this scheme. By the time the overall Light Aircraft Grey scheme first appeared in 1966, the yellow bands had been gone at least five years earlier!

    VH-RIW (C1-0195). AS WB748, sold by the RAF in 1956, registered to the RAC of WA in 1958.

    VH-XBS (C1-0413). Served with the RThAF as 37-95 from 1951 to 1971. It was one of four derelict Chipmunk hulks to be imported by Col Pay in 1985, and it took a six year restoration to get it flying again, as VH-XBS in 1991. The colour scheme bears no resemblance to any Thai scheme, but was loosely based on the final RN scheme.

    I hope this helps.

    Cheers, Rod.

    • Hi Rod,
      Thank you for this additional info and corrections – it motivated me to gather more historical information on all of the Chipmunks in the list, so I have added that in too.
      You are also correct about VH-XBS – there are photos on another website of that aircraft when in service with the RTAF and it never wore the colour scheme it now carries, and neither did any other RTAF Chipmunks.
      David Eyre

  2. Hi David:

    Here’s the complete listing I have for “your” Chipmunks:

    C1-0684 DHB.f.574
    T.10 WP792
    25.06.1952 Delivered
    27.06.1952 17 RFS, Hornchurch
    06.08.1953 22 RFS, Cambridge
    08.03.1954 10 MU, Hullavington
    30.08.1955 Non effective stock
    19.07.1956 Sold to WS Shackleton Ltd, dismantled at Hullavington by
    Helliwells Ltd.
    02.11.1956 ATR Royal Aero Club of WA (Inc), Maylands, WA.
    15.02.1962 SOR Crashed. Re-built as VH-RWI.
    14.12.1962 ATR Royal Aero Club of WA (Inc), Maylands, WA.
    28.01.1963 CO Yarlarweelor Pastoral Co, Meekatharra, WA,
    21.06.1963 CO/RC F.L. Connell, Bluff Point, WA.
    29.01.1964 CO Mardathuna Pastoral Co, Carnarvon, WA.
    24.07.1967 CO C. Douglas, Pithara, WA.
    14.12.1972 SOR Withdrawn from use.
    16.03.1981 RTR R.J. Eastman, T/as Air Phoenix International, Bull Creek, WA
    12.09.1983 CO N.R. McAllister, Bull Creek, WA.
    29.02.1984 CO McAllister Prospecting Pty Ltd, Bull Creek, WA.
    09.07.1992 CO Nu-Thom Nominees Pty Ltd, Bateman, WA.

    Mk.22 P-122 (Danish AF)
    11.10.1985 ATR Rossair General Aviation Pty Ltd, Parafield, SA.
    02.03.1987 CO L.A. Johnson, Aldgate, SA.
    17.10.1996 CO R.L. Campbell, Dianella, WA.

    C1-0125 DHB.f.35
    T.10 WB677
    15.08.1950 Delivered
    16.08.1950 5 RFS, Castle Bromwich
    06.06.1951 8 RFS, Woodley (coded “28”)
    10.03.1953 9 AFTS, Wellesbourne Mountfield
    09.06.1953 10 MU, Hullavington
    30.08.1955 Non effective stock
    24.09.1956 Sold to WS Shackleton Ltd, dismantled at Ashton Down by Helliwells Ltd
    21.11.1957 ATR Royal Aero Club of WA (Inc) Maylands Airport WA. 04.06.1962 CO Wimmera Aero Club, Nhill, Vic.
    01.05.1963 CO D.G. Barber, Griffith, NSW.
    ? CO L. Parsons, Coonamble, NSW.
    11.01.1964 CO Maslings Aircraft Sales & Service, Cootamundra, NSW.
    05.02.1965 CO C. Jenks, Balidu, WA.
    28.02.1973 CO G.R. Caple, South Perth, WA.
    07.03.1981 SOR Withdrawn from use.
    12.11.1981 RTR G.R. Caple, Bull Creek, WA.


    C1-0195 DHB.f.81
    T.10 WB748
    13.11.1950 Delivered
    15.11.1950 14 RFS, Hamble (coded “23”)
    07.07.1953 7 RFS, Doncaster
    06.04.1954 Home Command Major Servicing Unit, Leconfield
    09.06.1954 Cambridge UAS, Teversham for Summer Camp at Waterbeach
    17.06.1954 Durham UAS, Usworth
    25.08.1954 22 MU, Silloth
    22.09.1955 Non effective stock
    01.08.1956 Sold to WS Shackelton Ltd, dismantled at Silloth by
    Helliwells Ltd.

    16.04.1958 ATR Royal Aero Club of WA (Inc), Maylands, WA.
    19.06.1963 CO Yarlaweelor Pastoral Co, Meekatharra, WA.
    01.12.1965 CO Marrilla Station Pty Ltd, Carnarvon, WA.
    17.02.1969 CO L.J. Day, Albany, WA.
    30.01.1970 CO D.W. Henderson, Leederville, WA.
    07.07.1971 CO I.J. Findlay, Narrikup, WA.
    28.02.1972 SOR Withdrawn from use.
    06.05.1992 RTR S.M. Taylor, Gooseberry Hill, WA.


    C1-0413 DHB.f.352
    Mk.22A 37-95 (Thai AF)
    24.10.1951 Delivered Broughton to Hatfield
    19.04.1952 Accepted
    09.07.1952 Assigned
    1971 Noted current

    23.10.1991 ATR B.D. Searle, Amberley, Qld.
    28.09.1995 CO A.D. Searle, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.
    ? COA A.D. Searle, Como, WA.
    08.05.2007 COA Aero Casino Pty Ltd, Hovea WA


  3. Hi David:

    Sorry, my list of Chipmunk details “went” unexpectedly, before I’d finished editing it! Anyway, I hope it helps – feel free to email me if you have any further queries.

    I confess I have a vested interest in VH-RHW; I did my first solo in this aircraft back in 1961!



  4. What’s the A/C in the club hangar at Serpentine? A Nanchung? Think it was recovered from the Philippines?
    Not sure if it’s a warbird….

    • Hi Rhett,
      Not sure which aircraft you are referring to – could you describe it in more detail, or provide a photo.
      I was there on 27 October 2013 and there was a Yak-18T VH-FSU in the SABC hangar- is that what you are referring to?

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