Perth man makes 21,411 aircraft noise complaints

17 October 2012

In an article by Andrew Tillett and  Geoffrey Thomas for The West Australian newspaper, it was reported that one person has made 21,411 complaints (40% of total complaints) to  Airservices Australia about aircraft noise in Perth.

The complainant, Canning Vale resident Kevin  McNamara, said that his record was 800  complaints in a day, and he often complained 50 times about a single flight. His average is now 70  complaints per day.

His objective is for Airservices Australia to change flight paths or provide noise insulation for his home. It is difficult to change flight  paths due to restricted military airspace zones around Perth and the close  proximity of Jandakot Airport, Perth Airport, and RAAF Base Pearce.

Airservices  Australia and the Noise  Ombudsman have been  unsuccessful in trying to reason with Mr McNamara.

It should be noted that Perth  Airport has been operational since 1942, and Jandakot Airport has been  operating since 1962. Mr McNamara moved to Canning Vale many years after this, and made his first noise complaint in  2004.

David Eyre

President, Aviation Association of WA Inc

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