May 2011

Sat 28 May 2011:

TF-ALF Boeing 747-428M(BCF) (cn 25302/884) of National Airlines (leased from Air Atlanta Icelandic).

Seen arriving at 11:20am on runway 06 at Perth Airport from Avalon with a heavy load of equipment, enroute to Diego Garcia, using callsign “Aussie 86”.

The aircraft had an interesting visit.

When the 747 was inbound and contacted Melbourne Centre frequency, it was given runway 06 for arrival.

The 747 crew said that because of their weight they required runway 21/03.  Melbourne Centre said that runway 21/03 was closed as it was under maintenance and could not be opened, so runway 06/24 was the duty runway.  The 747 crew replied that the aircraft was too heavy to land on runway 06, but the controllers said they had to use runway 06.

The 747 crew then said that they would have to burn (or dump?) fuel to get the aircraft’s weight down to land on the shorter runway, and they were at Max Landing Weight. They requested permission to hold at FL190 over the BEVLY waypoint (50nm from Perth Airport) for up to 30 minutes. It took nearly an hour to bring the aircraft weight to acceptable limits.  The aircraft finally landed at 11:20.

The saga continued. They wanted to get away urgently, and around 14:00 the authorities instructed the workers on 21/03 to cease work and finish for the day.  Safety vehicles then checked runway 21/03 and runway 21 became the duty runway.

The 747 freighter pushed back around 14:00 for departure and took off from runway 21 at 14:04, headed for Diego Garcia.

National Airlines is based at Willow Run Airport, Michigan, USA (near Detroit).

Photos: © Les Bushell

Taxying photo (with Virgin A330 VH-XFA behind):
© Michael Davis


Sat 28 May 2011:

VH-XFA Airbus A330-243 (cn 365) of Virgin Australia Airlines, named “Cottesloe Beach”.

On finals to runway 06 at Perth Airport as flight DJ553 from Sydney at 10:47am.

The aircraft first visited Perth on 9 April 2011 painted in an all-white scheme (see Steve Jaksic’s earlier photos below), and then visited a number of times on route proving and CASA regulatory flights.

Virgin’s A330 scheduled services commenced on 26 May 2011 with sistership VH-XFB.

Photo © Les Bushell

Sat 28 May 2011:

N889CP Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express (cn 9104) of Kirra Aircraft Leasing Trust No. 1.

This aircraft is operated by Consolidated Press Holdings, and based in Sydney.

On finals to Perth Airport at 11:41.

Photo © Les Bushell

Sat 21 May 2011:

VH-YFC Boeing 737-81D of Virgin Australia (leased from AWAS), named “Bondi Beach”.

** First visit by a Boeing 737 in the new Virgin Australia colours. **

The aircraft arrived as flight DJ679 from Melbourne at 10:40, and is seen here departing runway 24 as flight DJ686 to Melbourne at around 13:00.

This was the first 737 in the Virgin fleet to be painted in the new colours and attended the official launch of Virgin Australia on 4 May 2011 in Sydney.

Photos © Keith Anderson

Sat 21 May 2011:

UR-82029 Antonov An-124-100M (cn 19530502630/02-10) of Antonov Design Bureau

Seen arriving at Perth Airport on runway 24 at 12:18pm as flight ADB2642 from Karratha.

The aircraft arrived in Perth from Colombo (Sri Lanka) at 3.55am on Friday 20 May 2011 and departed to Karratha the same day, before returning to Perth today.

Photo © Les Bushell

Thu 19 May 2011:


VH-XFB Airbus A330-243 (cn 372) of Virgin Australia, named “Cable Beach”

Visiting Perth Airport for the first time on a route proving flight to as part of CASA regulatory requirements prior to the the commencement of scheduled Virgin Australia A330 services between Sydney and Perth (due to start on 26 May 2011).

Runway 03/21 was closed due to runway surface grooving works.

Landed on Runway 06 at 12:10pm as flight DJ9061 from Melbourne.

Departed from Runway 06 at 1:46pm as flight DJ9062, back to Melbourne.

All photos © Les Bushell

Thu 19 May 2011:

VH-ITA Beech King Air B200 (cn BB-1244) of Awesome Aviation, operated by Nantay Pty Ltd / Maroomba Airlines.

On finals to its home base at Perth Airport at 13:39.

Photo © Les Bushell

Thu 12 May 2011:

VH-FKW Fokker 50 (cn 20306) of Alliance Airlines

Arriving in Perth at 14:12, landing on runway 06. This aircraft is here for special tourist flights.

Photo © Les Bushell

Sat 7 May 2011:

VH-ANV Embraer 170LR (ERJ 170-100LR) (cn 17000280) of Airnorth.

Although not its first visit, these photos are included here as Air North operated only one return service a week from/to Darwin via Kununurra, on Saturdays. This is to change to Saturdays and Sundays from 15 May 2011.

Seen here arriving at Perth around 12:05 WST as flight TL340 and departing around 13:00 as flight TL341.

Photos © Les Bushell

Sat 7 May 2011:

VH-ZPQ Embraer 190AR (ERJ-190-100IGW) (cn 1900412) of Virgin Australia in special AFL colours.

Seen arriving at Perth as flight DJ1724 from Karratha at 10:57.

Virgin Australia (formerly Virgin Blue) become the official airline of the Australian Football League after winning the $8 million-a-year contract, beating the incumbent, Qantas.

Whilst Virgin Blue was waiting to release the new name and colour scheme as part of the airline’s rebranding, most recent aircraft were delivered in an all-white scheme. Three of these white aircraft then received special AFL markings. VH-ZPQ is the only E190 to wear AFL markings.

First visit to Perth was on 17 April 2011.

Photos © Les Bushell

Fri 6 May 2011:

VH-XBP Cessna 550 Citation Bravo (cn 550-0810) of FMR Investments Pty Ltd, operated by Maxem Aviation.

On finals to its home base at Perth at 13:47.

Photo © Les Bushell

Fri 6 May 2011:

VH-JDY Mooney M20J (201) (cn 24-1681) of the Royal Aero Club of WA Inc.

Based at nearby Jandakot, this Mooney is conducting a missed approach to Perth Airport during pilot training.

Photo © Les Bushell

Wed 4 May 2011:

VH-TFX Embraer 120ER Brasilia (cn 120079,
ex PT-SKW, N277UE, VH-XFH, DQ-MUM, VH-RPA) of Network Aviation

The latest EMB-120 aircraft for Network Aviation. This is the first with the fuselage painted all white, compared to the others in the fleet which have a bare silver metal fuselage.

Photo © Les Bushell

Wed 4 May 2011:

VH-MXJ Cessna 560 Citation Ultra (cn 560-0320) of Maxem Aviation.

This is based at Perth, and is seen on finals to Perth Airport at 11:12.

Maxem Aviation provides executive aircraft charter and management services.

Photo © Les Bushell

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