February 2011

23 Feb 2011:
VH-VUZ Boeing 737-8FE (cn 39921/3536) of Virgin Blue, wearing special “Gold Coast Suns” AFL colours

Taxying out to runway 03 at Perth for departure as flight DJ694 to Melbourne at 5.08pm.

The aircraft had previously visited Perth in an all-white colourscheme on 13 Feb 2011. Its first visit wearing special colours was 21 Feb 2011.

Photo © David Eyre


Sun 20 Feb 2011:
RA-82044 Antonov An-124-100 (cn 9773054155109) of Volga-Dnepr, arriving in Perth around midday.

The aircraft wears special “20 years” titles, to mark 20 years of Volga-Dnepr Airlines. The titles are on the starboard forward fuselage, left side of tail, and underside of the nose.

The aircraft was enroute to Karratha/Port Hedland with two helicopters on board. The aircraft was cleared for a 03 arrival, but on changing to Perth Approach, runways changed and it was cleared for a runway 21 arrival.

Photo © Les Bushell

Sun 13 Feb 2011:
ZS-SXH Airbus A340-313X (cn 197, ex F-WWJL, EC-GQK, F-WJKP) of South African Airways, on finals to runway 03 at Perth in the early morning as flight SA280 from Johannesburg.

This is one of two South African Airways A340-313Xs in an all white livery – the other being ZS-SXG. Both were obtained from Iberia (Spain).

Photo © Les Bushell

Fri 4 Feb 2011:

VH-FIX Beech B300 King Air 350 (cn FL-90) of AeroPearl, operated for Airservices Australia

Pearl Aviation Australia formed AeroPearl in partnership with Aerodata GmBH, (manufacturers of the flight inspection equipment) to operate two King Airs under contract to Airservices Australia on flight inspection operations.

This aircraft visits Perth and other airports around Australia regularly, to conduct airways and navigational aid calibration duties.

Information on the aircraft is available HERE.

Seen here on finals to Perth Airport at 16:24.

Photo © Les Bushell

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