Aircraft Registers, Military Aircraft Serials and Aircraft Production Lists

Aircraft Registers

Australia (VH-…)

Australian Aircraft register (VH-…) – CASA Official Register
Australian Aircraft Register (VH-…)

Australian Helicopter Register (includes historic registrations) (VH-…)
Australian Recreational Aircraft (incl. Ultralights) Register – Australian airliners (including histories of each aircraft)



New Zealand CAA Aircraft Register (ZK-…) (includes historic registrations)
UK CAA Aircraft Register (G-….) (includes historic registrations)
US FAA Aircraft Register (N number)

World Aircraft Registers
World Helicopter Registers (includes historic registrations)

New Airliner Registrations – Skyliner


Military Aircraft Serials

Australian Military Serials – (use Search – type in serial number or aircraft type)

World Military Aircraft Serials – Scramble

UK Military Serials –

US Air Force and Army
US Navy and Marines
US Navy Carrier Air Wing Serial Number Lists
AMARC Serial Numbers (US military aircraft stored at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base)

Warbird Registry


Aircraft Production Lists – Airliner production lists – full histories of Australian airliners

Production Lists (Alphabetical by manufacturer: A-M)
Production Lists (Alphabetical by manufacturer: N-Z)


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