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  • VH-FID Beech D18S (cn A-458) owned by Adamson Holdings Pty Ltd, Geraldton, WA, named "Dinky Di", at Jandakot Airport – 26 January 2016.
    VH-FID Beech D18S (cn A-458) owned by Adamson Holdings Pty Ltd, Geraldton, WA, named "Dinky Di", at Jandakot Airport – 26 January 2016. Photographed here taking off to take part in the Air Race as part of the Air Show Although it wears RAAF blue/white WW2 style-roundels, it never served with the military. Built in 1948, ex N628B. This aircraft was imported into Australia in 1961 by Flinders Island Airlines (hence the 'FI' in the registration), to replace their aging Avro Ansons. Photo © Keith Anderson.

David Eyre

President, Aviation Association of WA Inc

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  • June 12, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    Hi David

    Just a few general comments about the viewing experience at Perth Airport.

    I guess we should be grateful for any outdoor viewing platform such as that off Dunreath Drive, but unless planes are taking off to the north on runway 03, the observer doesn’t get the full experience of the engine wind-up and power generated to get aircraft moving. Very large aircraft, and heavily-laden smaller ones come all the way down in front of you, and the initial thrust is quite exhilarating, particularly for the hugely engined 777-300ER. Most of Perth’s prevailing winds are such that observers see planes with wheels going up at a height of hundreds of feet on runway 21, and while this is always worthwhile, it lacks the power surge.
    Traffic on the cross runways 06/24 can only be viewed at extreme distance, rendering aircraft movements non-experiential.
    I have written (without response, as usual) to airport management to suggest relocation of the viewing area (or an additional site) a kilometer north, to the confluence of Dunreath Drive and Southern Perimeter Road. While there may be good reasons why a viewing area there is not possible, it would be placed between taxiways Lima1 and Kilo, and would kill many birds with one stone as follows:
    1. Most aircraft preparing for departure from runway 03 will taxi directly in front, on Alpha, or close by from T1 and T2. Some will start their takeoffs directly in front, others will be under full thrust and still on the ground if taking off from the very end, a kilometer away.
    2. Viewers would get an unimpeded look at aircraft using runway 21; landings would be visible, and aircraft taking off would be just off the ground as they pass by.
    3. Viewers would be only a kilometer from the start of runway 06, and get a much better view and experience of aircraft movements on that strip.

    Viewing for the third runway will be an interesting exercise, but should be relatively simple as the runway will be so remote from the other two that any viewing area would service it, and only it.

    While airports the world over are, and must be, extremely security conscious, the open times at the Viewing Area are restrictive. With the pushback of EK423 by 3 hours from 1510 to 1810, winter viewers are denied takeoffs by the impressive 300ER (sometimes a 200LR), arrival of the ANZ B789 as NZ175, and arrival of the even more impressive UAE A380 as EK420. While things get better during summer months for observation of these very large aircraft, close-up views of departures of the A380 as EK421 around 2210 hours are denied. Night takeoffs of VLA, particularly the B77W and the A380 would be an absolute thrill. I do not know how to prevail upon airport management to extend viewing hours to accommodate them, but the cloak of darkness must be a concern to them.

    Finally, I’d have to say (and this is only a personal view) daytime aircraft types at Perth Airport are boring, and it doesn’t appear that Qantas and Virgin will offer much variety in the future regardless of Perth’s population, particularly in their usage of VLA. Jetstar and Virgin operate the 787 and 777 types on international routes, but not into/out of Perth. Qantas hasn’t a single example in their fleet, and all we get are B737’s and A320/330s with Qantas, Jetstar or Virgin paint. Perth’s population is expanding at a rapid rate, but will never be a hub for the west coast of the USA, and usage of large and modern aircraft for Asia, the middle east and beyond will be by external carriers such as Emirates, with Qantas and Virgin on a codeshare basis only.

    But, things may get better in the future. It will be interesting to see the usage of the A350 and 777x aircraft in and out of Perth.


    Frank Collins

    • June 12, 2015 at 6:07 pm

      Hi Frank,

      Perth Airport invested a significant amount of money in building the Viewing Area near Runway 03 and we are very grateful for that. The popularity of the viewing area has surprised Perth Airport and it is often full on weekends and holidays. The current Viewing Area is open during daylight hours only, to protect it from vandalism, as well as for security reasons.

      However, as you point out, runway 21 is predominantly used for landings and take off, due to it being the preferred runway for noise abatement reasons as well as prevailing winds. We have lobbied on numerous occasions for a second viewing facility near runway 21 threshold, even if it is simply a mound of dirt and a parking area, but have been unsuccessful so far. Perth Airport’s current priority is completing the airport redevelopment program, and rightly so.

      Perth does get a fairly wide variety of aircraft. We get 787s of China Southern, Scoot, Air New Zealand and Thai. We now have the Emirates A380 daily. We also get Boeing 737s and A330s of both Malaysia Airlines and Garuda. We also get A320s and A330s of AirAsia. Singapore use A330s and Boeing 777s. Cathay use A330s. Plus we have a number of FIFO operators, mainly using Fokker 100s. Qatar Airways have stated that they may introduce the Airbus A350 onto Perth services and Etihad announced that they may introduce the 787 on their services. Qantas are rumoured to be confirming an order for 787-9s later this year. There are also rumours that we may see direct Perth-Europe/London flights when types such as the Boeing 777-8X or -9X enter service.

      David Eyre

  • June 12, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    Great reply, thanks David.


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