Perth Airport’s First and Second Control Towers

ABOVE: The first control tower at Perth Airport was built using steel girders during 1946, when the airport was still called Guildford Aerodrome. This tower was located approximately where the Qantas Domestic Terminal is now located. This is a view of the south-east side.
This first tower was dismantled in 1962 when the second tower was built.
NOTE: The square black box hanging from the tower gantry was an indicator to pilots that the Tower was manned – and therefore they would need to talk to the Tower for a clearance.
Photo supplied by David Harvey
ABOVE: The second control tower was built in 1962 and is visible in the background of this 1963 photo of the Perth International and Domestic Terminal, one year after it was constructed. A South African Airways Douglas DC-7B aircraft is parked on the tarmac.
The terminal was later significantly rebuilt to become Terminal 3 (used by Skywest, Virgin Australia, Alliance and Tiger Airways Australia).
The 1962 control tower was demolished at the end of March 2011.
Photo supplied by David Harvey

For more photos of the 1962 Control Tower, including the interior, click HERE

David Eyre

President, Aviation Association of WA Inc

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