South African Airways disposing of final Airbus A340-200s

ABOVE: ZS-SLA Airbus A340-212 (cn 008) of South African Airways approaching Perth on 27 June 2011.
Photo © Les Bushell

24 November 2011:

South African Airways’ fleet of Airbus A340-200 aircraft are being disposed of, as the airline takes delivery of new A330-200s.

The A340-200s are leased from GMT Global Republic Aviation began being retired from April 2011, with the last one due to leave the fleet in early 2012.

The fleet consists of early-production aircraft which were formerly operated by Lufthansa. ZS-SLA through ZS-SLE were all delivered during 2003, and ZS-SLF was delivered in 2004. Current status is as follows:

  • ZS-SLA (cn 008) – Stored at Johannesburg, South Africa
  • ZS-SLB (cn 011) – Stored at Lourdes, France
  • ZS-SLC (cn 018) – Currently in service
  • ZS-SLD (cn 019) – Returned to Airbus on 15 November 2011.
  • ZS-SLE (cn 021) – Stored at Lourdes, France
  • ZS-SLF (cn 006) – Stored at Johannesburg, South Africa. Used as spare aircraft.

David Eyre

President, Aviation Association of WA Inc

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