Qantas 747-438 VH-OJK & 737-476 VH-TJM sold

12 June 2011:

It has been reported that Qantas has sold two aircraft:

  • VH-OJK Boeing 747-438 is being sold to Mac Air (Nigeria)
  • VH-TJM Boeing 737-476 is being sold to Sayegh Group (UAE)

Below are some photos by Les Bushell of these aircraft.

ABOVE: VH-OJK Boeing 747-438 of Qantas, departing Sydney on 18 October 2006.
The aircraft was originally delivered to Qantas in June 1991.
On 25 July 2008, when operating flight QF30 from Hong Kong to Melbourne, VH-OJK suffered a rapid decompression caused by the failure of an oxygen tank which blew a hole in the lower forward fuselage (starboard side). The aircraft made an emergency landing at Manila after the explosion. It was temporarily repaired and then flown to Avalon for more permanent repairs. On 18 January 2010, it was flown to Victorville, California and placed in storage.
Photo © Les Bushell
ABOVE: VH-TJM Boeing 737-476 of Qantas, landing at Sydney on 1 November 2010. The aircraft was originally delivered to Australian Airlines in November 1991.
Photo © Les Bushell
ABOVE: VH-TJM Boeing 737-476 at Perth on 25 August 1993, when it still wore Australian Airlines colours, but was owned by Qantas.
In preparation for the privatisation of then Government-owned Qantas, it acquired Australian Airlines (also Government-owned) in August 1992, acquiring a domestic airline network in the process. Australian was merged into Qantas, and Qantas was privatised in March 1993, a few months prior to this photo.
Photo © Les Bushell


David Eyre

President, Aviation Association of WA Inc

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