Perth Airport redevelopment started

Perth Airport has announced a $500 million, three year program which started in 2011, to build new terminals and begin the consolidation of international and domestic flights at the site of the International Terminal.

  • A new joint international/domestic pier will be built on the south end of the current International Terminal, able to accommodate the Airbus A330-200s which Virgin Blue will receive in 2011 for use on eastern states services.
  • It will also include some A380-capable air bridges. (The runways and taxiways are already A380-capable).
  • Terminal WA, designed in consultation with BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, will be built. This is a single-level terminal so that passengers on regional flights do not have to move between floors.
  • The International Terminal will be modified to triple the size of the customs, quarantine and baggage reclaim areas.
  • The international terminal car park will have a multi-storey parking area.
  • For more details, see Perth Airport redevelopment webpage.
Perth Airport redevelopment
ABOVE: An artist impression of the proposed redevelopment of Perth Airport, showing the new international/domestic pier and the new “Terminal WA”.
Photo © Perth Airport

David Eyre

President, Aviation Association of WA Inc

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